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Error Analysis of CO2 Concentration Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Inversion and Simulation of CO2 Concentration in the Lower Atmosphere
 Date: 2013-07-22  Page Views:

Upon the principle of short wave infrared remote sensing inversion of CO2, the project makes analysis of the mechanism underlying the multiple scattering effect of aerosol on elevated CO2 level estimates and correction algorithm for CO2 levels in China’s regions with high CO2 values. In addition, through integrating satellite observation with regional climate patterns, it will build models for CO2 flux estimation with high land surface spatial differentiation. It will also develop CO2 cycle simulation modules, and data fusion methods for CO2 satellite observation and land surface CO2 flux on the basis of atmospheric transfer process, so as to come up with means for comprehensive simulation of spatial differentiation of lower atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Vertical distribution of CO2 mixing-ratio concentrations of China in March 2012.

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