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973 Project
 Date: 2013-07-22  Page Views:

Mechanisms and Methodologies for Space-based Observations on Factors Sensitive to Global Change

The project explores the mechanisms and methodologies for multi-model remote sensing detection of factors sensitive to global change via analyses of their temporal and spatial properties. Also, through satellite-aircraft-ground synchronized observations, it studies new methods for multi-source and multi-waveband remote sensing observations on these factors, as well as procedures to optimize the parameters and indicators of the sensors. Based on the above efforts, the project aims to propose a program about China’s series of scientific satellites for global change observation.

Researchers perform three experiments with satellite aircraft- ground synchronized observations on the Qinghai- Tibetan Plateau and in the areas around the Bohai Bay. Since the launch of the project the team has successfully finished a total of over 50 sorties and obtained nearly 100 TB of valid data, leading to the publication of 319 scientific papers, including 153 SCI-cited and 98 EI-cited publication.

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