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Research Progress
Research Projects
Research Progress
Plateau Wetland Field Experiments Series Completed 2014-10-14
Integrated Test on Full-wave Band and Multi-scale Remote Sensing Me... 2014-08-28
12m Antenna Successfully Installed at Miyun Station 2014-08-05
Project of Surveying and Mapping Ground Feature Spectral Library Ki... 2014-07-08
Xinjiang Joint Fund Project of "Attribution analysis of space-time ... 2014-06-09
Gaofen-3 Satellite-to-Ground Link Connection Experiment Completed i... 2014-05-07
Navigation and Positioning Research Team Supports Chang’e 3 Lunar ... 2014-03-17
Submicron Fine Particles Important Intermediate State in Fog-haze T... 2014-02-28
Chinese Scientists Pinpoint Source of Jialing River 2014-01-25
New Findings of Ancient Settlements along the Silk Road 2014-01-01
RADI Scientists Pinpoint Locations of Chang’e 3 Lander and Rover o... 2013-12-26
Link Connection Experiment for Satellite-Ground Data Communication ... 2013-12-30
RSLAB Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreements 2013-12-10
Atmospheric Monitoring Project Won Surveying and Mapping Science an... 2013-12-10
Radar Experiments on Remote Sensing Aircraft Successful 2013-11-08
Research Getting Close to Understanding Beijing Haze 2013-10-31
Chinese Scientists Apply Earth Observation Technologies to Study an... 2013-10-23
RADI Scientists Pinpoint Source of Yalong River 2013-10-11
How Xiuyan Impact Crater was Formed, Study Shows 2013-10-09
National Engineering Laboratory of Remote Sensing Satellite Applica... 2013-09-18
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