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Land Observation Satellite Supporting Platform Aims to Promote Civil Satellite Applications
 Date: 2018-02-25  Page Views:

As part of China’s Civil Space Infrastructure, a ground project was launched in Beijing on January 21, 2018 to establish a supporting platform for land observation satellites applications. The construction project is led by RADI.

The project is supported by China’s Medium and Long-Term Plan of National Civil Space Infrastructure (2015–2025). The infrastructure consists of space system, ground system and related system. The platform is a part of the ground system.

The platform is designed to provide common applications and supporting facilities for nine domestic satellites launched during the 12th five-year plan period (2011-2015) and the follow-up ones.

The platform will consist of 24 validation fields for optical satellites, six comparative testing sites for electromagnetic satellites, one reference laboratory and one supporting system for satellite generic technologies.

By pooling satellite resources as well as providing validation activities and common services to government departments and industry users, the platform is expected to promote domestic satellite applications on the national scale.

The platform will play an important role in enhancing the quantitative application capabilities of China’s satellites, boosting remote sensing satellite data sharing, and helping to maximize application benefits of domestic satellite industry.

At the project launching meeting, Prof. GU Xingfa from RADI, also the director of the project concluded that the supporting platform would boost the development of China’s Earth observation system through building a national network, system optimization, and promoting cooperation with international partners.

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