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Acceptance Inspection passed for “Satellite-aircraft-ground Integrated Quantitative Remote Sensing Fusion Processing and Common Product Production System”
 Date: 2017-05-10  Page Views:

On May 3, 2017, the “Satellite-aircraft-ground Integrated Quantitative Remote Sensing Fusion Processing and Common Product Production System (“the System” for short hereafter),” a major project of the National 863 Program in the field of Earth observation and navigation technology, passed field acceptance inspection. The project was undertaken by RADI.

Built as a satellite data service platform connecting eight satellite data centers, the System is capable of processing PB-level data and supporting, as core technology, the normal operation of the national integrated Earth observation data sharing platform system of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

A quantitative remote sensing common product integrated production platform is built, which is able to produce, update, and verify 40 kinds of common products customized with a kilometer-level global resolution, hundred-meter-level national resolution, or a ten-meter-level resolution for key regions. Capable of processing more than 1.8TB of data products every day, it supports the annual report on global ecological environment remote sensing and monitoring.

For implementation of the project, the existing data networking service platform and multi-center quantitative remote sensing product production platform were used to provide data and product service capability for major applications such as the Global Ecological Environment Remote Sensing & Monitoring Report, the “Digital Belt and Road,” the National Integrated Earth Observation Data Sharing Platform, the Hainan Province and South China Sea Space Big Data Center, etc. Through R&D of the Earth observation management and service system supported by the satellite-aircraft-ground integrated quantitative remote sensing system, China has realized full-process application management and multi-mode online on-demand public products and services for satellite-aircraft-ground integrated quantitative remote sensing. This will effectively promote the applications of remote sensing information and the development of national economy.

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