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RADI’s Research on Himawari-8 Ice Cloud Microphysical Parameters Published
 Date: 2016-11-09  Page Views:

On September 1, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) released cloud products from Himawari-8, a new-generation geostationary satellite. Husi Letu, Research Fellow of RADI, developed an ice cloud microphysical product and participated in research on the cloud detection algorithm used and the evaluation of its precision.

JAXA published some cloud products including cloud type and optical depth, and will make other cloud products available in the days ahead. Husi Letu’s three papers were included in official algorithm documentation of the Himawari-8 cloud products.

Husi Letu started developing a database of light scattering properties for typical ice crystal particles in 2010 and thereafter created a method for the retrieval of ice cloud microphysical parameters using the most typical scattering model chosen from ice crystal models of different shapes. He also demonstrated the effectiveness of the most typical ice crystal model by using multi-angle remote sensing data acquired from POLDER. The Voronoi model, a new non-spherical ice crystal model presented in the study, has proven to be an effective way to retrieve global-scale cirrus microphysical parameters. This new achievement was recently published by the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP). The ACP paper was the outcome of cooperative research conducted by Research Fellow Husi Letu and several institutes, including JAXA’s GCOM-C satellite team, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) POLDER satellite team, Japan's Tokai University and the Meteorological Institute affiliated with the Japan Meteorological Agency. Part of the verification had been completed by Husi Letu in September 2015 when he became a member of the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science at RADI.

Homepage of the Himawari-8 satellite products.


A Himawari-8 satellite product (cloud optical depth).


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