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RADI Carries out Drought Monitoring and Evaluation in Sanya
 Date: 2015-06-30  Page Views:

In the first half year of 2015, the continuous high temperature and low precipitation aggravated Sanya’s drought that had been already severe in recent years. To evaluate Sanya’s drought severity in an efficient and objective manner, RADI’s Hainan Province Key Laboratory for Earth Observation arranged its business departments and researchers to monitor and evaluate the vegetation growth on main farmlands (dry land, paddy fields and orchards) and the drought severity in the city by using an array of Chinese and foreign satellites including Landsat 8, Huanjing-1, and SPOT.

According to the statistics and analysis findings, in early June, crops were found growing poorly due to severe water depletion on most farmlands in Yazhou and Jiyang Districts, those in south Tianya District, and those in eastern coastal areas in Haitang District. Most of these areas have reached the moderate or above drought category and some even suffered from the severe and extreme categories. In a word, the overall situation is quite serious. The drought severity gradually decreases from the south part, eastern coastal regions, to northern mountainous areas of Sanya where farmland vegetation grows well, suffering from slight or no drought. Most drought-affected paddy fields are distributed in Yazhou District and the southwest part of Tianya District. There are some scattered drought-stricken paddy fields in Jiyang and Haitang Districts. Orchards in all districts have droughts of different severities.

The monitoring findings have been submitted to the Sanya Municipal People’s Government and other relevant departments so that they can provide useful information for the drought fighting efforts. This move also highlights the important role Hainan Province Key Laboratory for Earth Observation plays in driving the sustainable development of the local economy and society.

Farmland Crop Growth of Sanya in Early June, 2015.

Drought Severity on Farmlands of Sanya in Early June, 2015.

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