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Super-Low-Altitude UAV Mapping Successfully Tested
 Date: 2015-01-05  Page Views:

From December 3 to 9, RADI successfully performed a super-low-altitude UAV flight test in Jiashan County, Zhenjiang Province, in which a UAV-borne sensor was used for large-format mapping.

At an altitude of 200m and 400m respectively, single-head aerial digital camera flight tests and four-head aerial digital camera flight tests were completed, with field control points and test verification points accurately measured. Main purpose of the test was to verify the applicability and precision of the RADI-developed four-head camera in large-scale mapping (1:1000 and 1:2000) at very low altitudes, and compare its mapping precision and efficiency with those of the single-head camera at the same altitudes. At present, the subsequent work of data processing and precision assessment is being conducted.

Success of the test marks a major step forward in the “light-load sensor system renovation and development project for super-low-altitude UAV large-format remote sensing mapping”, an equipment R&D project of the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science.

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