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High-resolution Earth Surface Research Project Kicks Off at RADI
 Date: 2014-12-23  Page Views:

The launching meeting of the scientific research and application demonstration of the high-resolution earth surface system took place at RADI on November 15, 2014. It was chaired by Prof. GU Xingfa, leader of the project and chief engineer of the application system of the national high-resolution land observation program.

Integrating scientific research and engineering technology, the project strives to promote interdisciplinary studies in the field and the application of high-resolution data to the studies of the earth surface system. Through developing a scientific research and application demonstration platform for a high-resolution earth surface system, it will provide earth surface system researchers with scientific data and products so as to support the development of earth system science and deepen our understanding of earth science and relevant eco-environment science, its laws and processes. It will also upgrade our capacity in the simulation, prediction and early-warning of major resource and environmental problems facing the mankind, assess interactions and mutual influences between human activities and the earth system, and facilitate the harmonious development of human beings, nature and society.


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