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Police Geographic Information Processing Program Launched in Kashgar
 Date: 2014-11-13  Page Views:

A kick-off meeting for the program engaged in processing basic map data required by a police geographic information platform in Kashgar was convened in Beijing on October 31, 2014. More than 30 persons from RADI, the Kashgar Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of PRC attended the meeting.

Through this program, high-resolution remote sensing images of Kashgar would be produced based on the primary data of RADI’s three stations in Kashgar, Miyun and Sanya; the research team from the CAS Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science would make large-scale vector digital maps of Kashgar. The research findings of the program will provide latest basic geographic data for the local public security apparatus so that the relevant government organs can get a clear picture of the overall geographic conditions in this region. Besides, these findings may also be used as the vector data and high-resolution remote sensing images necessary for the building of “Digital / Smart Kashgar”.


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