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Plateau Wetland Field Experiments Series Completed
 Date: 2014-10-14  Page Views:

From June 16 to August 25, a research team from RADI, led by Prof. CAO Chunxiang, director of Environmental Health Remote Sensing Division, spent more than two months conducting remote sensing experiment series in eight plateau wetlands of China for studying scientific problems about diagnosing wetland health and biomass.

The plateau wetlands chosen to conduct the experiment series include Erdos wetland and Dalai Lake wetland in Inner Mongolia, Eling Lake wetland, Zhaling Lake wetland and Niaodao wetland in Qinghai Province, Napa Lake wetland and Bita Lake wetland in Yunnan Province and Ruoergai wetland in Sichuan Province.

The team carried out soil sample collection, plateau vegetation spectral information measurement, local wetland relevant data information collection, made questionnaire survey for wetland administrative staff and local residents in ten counties and acquired ground validation data of diagnosis of plateau swamp wetland by remote sensing.

From these experiments, RADI scientists got 417 GPS control points, 120 soil samples, and 48 spectral curves of 18 plants, completed 480 questionnaire surveys, collected 34 books, text materials and 76 electronic materials needed for wetland ecosystem evaluation. The experiment series laid a solid foundation for solving scientific problems about wetland ecosystem health and wetland biomass.

The experiments are jointly supported by the State Forestry Administration project of “Demonstrating Application of Wetland Ecosystem Evaluation” and the Ministry of Science and Technology basic work special project of "Comprehensive Survey of Swamp Wetland Resources and their Eco-Environmental Benefits in China”.


The experimental group is collecting field-measured data.


Questionnaire survey on the environmental protection awareness of the local residents.


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