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Project of Surveying and Mapping Ground Feature Spectral Library Kicks Off
 Date: 2014-07-08  Page Views:

The launch meeting of the project titled “Surveying and Mapping Ground Feature Library” was held at RADI on June 26.

Financially supported by the national science and technology foundation project, this project will focus on the design of ground feature spectral library in surveying and mapping, compilation of existing feature spectrum data and its auxiliary parameter, and giving an additional ground feature spectrum measurement to meet the requirement in surveying and mapping application.

The ultimate goal of this project is to construct a china ground feature spectral library in surveying and mapping and make data fully opened and shared, which will definitely play an important role in the construction of surveying and mapping industry in China.

The five-year duration project will be completed by RADI, in partnership with the institutes and universities including the Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, and Beijing Normal University. Prof. XIAO Qing from RADI serves as the project’s chief scientist.


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