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Link Connection Experiment for Satellite-Ground Data Communication Successful
 Date: 2013-12-30  Page Views:

Researchers and technicians successfully conducted, from December 15 to 19 at RADI Sanya Station, an experiment on link connection for data communication between ground and two future satellites of CAS for dark matter particles detection and quantum science experiment. 

An experiment on Link Connection for Satellite-Ground Data Communication constitutes a key task before satellite launching. Organized by RADI, this experiment involved researchers from the CAS Shanghai Engineering Center for Mini-Satellites and the CAS-based National Space Science Center.  The work processed smoothly and its results fulfilled the requirements, testifying the matching of interfaces between transmitting/receiving frequencies, spectrum, modulating/demodulating, coding and decoding. Tests were also conducted on frame and source formats of data transmission. 

Supported by CAS Strategic Priority Research Program for space science, the two satellites are to be launched in 2015. RADI Centers in Miyun, Kashi and Sanya will be responsible for their data reception.

The wired connection experiment is underway.

The wireless connection experiment.

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