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National Engineering Laboratory of Remote Sensing Satellite Applications Accepts On-site Assessment
 Date: 2013-09-18  Page Views:

An expert group was assigned by CAS on September 9 to check the operation of the National Engineering Laboratory of Satellite Remote Sensing Applications, which received the approval of China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in November 2008.

The laboratory was jointly established by RADI and the Twenty-first Century Aerospace Technology Company in 2009. As the only State key laboratory in the field, the laboratory is created to focus on the studies of generic and key technologies in the complete chain of remote sensing satellite information applications and services, the formulation of standards and specifications for remote sensing data and information products, and the development of an open platform for technology research, development and verification.

The expert group made an on-site inspection to assess the operation of the laboratory. With three years development, the laboratory plays an active role in promoting the industry application for China's autonomous satellites. It has built a technology supporting system for China's satellite remote sensing industry, and made breakthroughs in terms of satellite data reception and processing, and information integrated equipment. It also formulates technology supporting system for standardized satellite remote sensing products. In addition, it has established a ground testing platform for satellite remote sensing, which has been applied to national major projects.

According to the on-site assessment, the laboratory has fulfilled the objectives defined by NDRC. In future, the role of the laboratory is to support national satellite remote sensing industry and develop towards engineering and industrial application.

                                                         Experts listen to the reports on the meeting.


                                                          On-site inspection.

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