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Seminar on High-Resolution EO Satellite Data Applications Held in Hebei
 Date: 2013-08-26  Page Views:

A seminar was held to discuss the application potentials of High-resolution Earth Observation Satellite data in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province on August 22.

Organized by China National Committee on Remote Sensing, the two-day seminar brought together over 180 participants including experts in the remote sensing field, government officials and the major users of Gaofen-1 satellite.

The seminar focused on the potential of Earth Observation Satellite System (EOSS), satellite remote sensing policy, standard setting, and the Gaofen-1 data processing. At the seminar, the major Gaofen-1 users made presentations on using Gaofen-1 data in the field of land resources, agriculture, environment protection, traffic, ocean, forestry, among others.   

China successfully sent its first Gaofen-1 high-resolution remote sensing satellite into space on April 26. By improving the precision and timeliness, the satellite data could be widely used for national economic and social activities and in other science research fields.

Seminar on High-Resolution EO Satellite Data Applications Held in Hebei.






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