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Data Transmission over Terrestrial and Satellite Links onboard HXMT Accomplished
 Date: 2013-05-07  Page Views:

With the support of the CAS Priority Program on Space Science, from April 20 to 23, an experiment on data transmission over terrestrial and satellite links onboard the Hard X-Ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) was successfully conducted at the Sanya Ground Station.

Organized by RADI, the experiment demonstrated the interface matching performance of HXMT, such as transmission/acquisition frequencies and spectra, modulation/demodulation, scrambling/descrambling, and coding/decoding.

As the first satellite of the CAS program, HXMT will be the best hard X-ray telescope in terms of sensibility and spatial resolution in all the known programs in the world. It will perform an all-sky hard X-ray survey, in which about 1,000 new hard X-ray sources will be discovered, and sensitive pointed observations of important cosmic X-ray sources including black holes and neutron stars. Its data will be received by three ground stations of RADI in Miyun, Kashgar, and Sanya.

Laboratory test on data communication over terrestrial and satellite links.

Wireless communication test.


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