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Reception of the First Image Data from Gaofen-1
 Date: 2013-05-02  Page Views:

At 09:48:25 on April 28, the RADI Miyun Ground Station succeeded in receiving the first track of image data from Gaofen-1, China’s first civilian high-resolution remote sensing satellite, and in real-time recording and fiber transmission of large amounts of data. Within six minutes, a total of 32.5 GB of image data were obtained. Following the acquisition of ZY-3 satellite data, this was yet another success for China’s ground system for remote sensing satellites to receive high-resolution satellite data via dual-polarization and high code rate technology. It further proved the advancement and reliability of the ground system, marking that China’s technology in this regard is maturing. At 13:04:30 on the same day, the RADI Kashgar Ground Station also received image data from the satellite. 

Launched at 12:13:04 on April 26, Gaofen-1 is China’s first low Earth orbit satellite with an expected lifetime of more than five years. Capable of producing high-resolution and wide-angle images, it will play an important role in sectors such as land resource surveying, environment monitoring, and precision agriculture.

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