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Research Progress
Research Projects
Research Progress
How does GEOS-5-based Planetary Boundary Layer Height and Humidity ... 2018-03-08
China Launches Big Earth Data Project 2018-02-13
Remote Sensing Captures Ancient Silk Road Cities 2018-01-23
Kick-off Meeting on “Remote Sensing Application for Northeastern T... 2017-08-20
Science Experiment and Workshop for Sino-UK project “Integrating A... 2017-06-12
Acceptance Inspection passed for “Satellite-aircraft-ground Integr... 2017-05-10
New Inverse Algorithm for CO2 Retrieval from Satellite Observations 2017-03-24
RADI Researchers Conduct Calibration Test for Hyperspectral NanoSat 2017-03-10
Smog Density in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei down 30 pct 2017-03-03
RCOTDMA Project Accepted as Project of Excellence 2016-11-11
RADI’s Research on Himawari-8 Ice Cloud Microphysical Parameters P... 2016-11-09
First Data from Quantum Satellite "Micius" Received 2016-08-19
China-UK Joint Project for Crop Pest and Disease Management Kicks off 2016-07-26
Study on Quantum Remote Sensing Published in SPIE Proceedings 2016-03-04
China’s Intelligent Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Research Attracts... 2015-08-03
China-ASEAN 2013 Evapotranspiration Dataset Becomes Available 2015-06-30
RADI Carries out Drought Monitoring and Evaluation in Sanya 2015-06-30
Atlas of Remote Sensing Findings about China’s Urban Sprawl Monito... 2015-02-05
Super-Low-Altitude UAV Mapping Successfully Tested 2015-01-05
High-resolution Earth Surface Research Project Kicks Off at RADI 2014-12-23
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