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National Engineering Center for Geoinformatics
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National Engineering Center for Geoinformatics

National Engineering  Center for Geoinformatics is devoted to: addressing key technological difficulties in such areas as web GIS, decision-making supporting system concerning space, spatial information integration, and Geo-informatic Tupu; building up remote sensing application competence in fields such as natural resources and human habitat, food and public security, archeology and energy, and spatial information engineering and technology for smart cities through systematic integration of various technologies; developing series of technologies and data products of remote sensing and spatial information system in large scale through industrial application demonstration; undertaking large-scale projects for information engineering and industrialization; setting up industry- and regionoriented cloud platform for remote sensing and spatial information application; promoting industrialization of remote sensing and spatial information through technology transfer; and developing national data banks for natural resource and environment. 

Major Tasks 

1.   Establishing a multi-scale spatio-temporal thematic database on the basis of remote sensing and spatial information, and other national thematic database on resource, environment, disaster reduction and prevention, food and public security to serve the needs of national authorities. 

2.   By integrating such technologies as the internet of things, cloud computing, wireless communication, low-altitude and space positioning, building a public spatial information platform for smart cities and an applied system for smart townships, therefore to serve information application projects of local governments. 

3.   Solving such key technological difficulties as a BeiDou-based precise positioning system for both indoor and outdoor uses; developing a first class large-scale cloud service platform for web GIS information, providing support to PB-category cyberspace information storage and management with over 1,000 concurrent users. 


Comprehensive processing of remote sensing data and cloud service platform.  

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