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CAS Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Sciences
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CAS Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science

Focusing on cutting-edge theories, information mechanisms, framework models of Digital Earth, the laboratory carries out research into technologies of Earth observation, virtual reality and simulation, multi-source data integration, big data computing, and spatial data-intensive science; as well as fundamentals concerning the application of Digital Earth in global change, disaster reduction, and resources. It strives to serve national sustainable development by developing a Digital Earth platform, a global spatial information service system, and geospatial information science.

Major Tasks

1.   Exploration of advanced technologies for Earth observation

Focusing on hyper-spectral and radar technologies and other Earth observation leading technologies, applied basic research will be continued in the following areas: spectral imaging principle for ground objects, ground object and microwave interaction mechanism, full-spectrum image analysis and applications of advanced Earth observation technology. This will establish an integrated spaceborne-airborne-ground system and methodology for Earth observation.

2.   Establishment of Digital Earth science platform

Efforts will be made to explore the advanced theories on Digital Earth, establish a Digital Earth science platform, and form a spatial information network system for global environment and resources targeted at the application fields such as land, atmosphere and ocean to serve the Earth system science research and the national sustainable development strategies.

3.   Studies of global and regional environmental changes

Research will be conducted into the observation theories and information models for global surface elements and explore the structures, functions and evolution characteristics of all elements of the Earth system and scientific issues such as coupling and interaction to provide data, models and technical methods for the analysis of global and regional-scale environmental changes.

4.   Development of geo-spatial information science

Based on the development of remote sensing, Earth observation and Digital Earth science and technology, we will explore the effective combination of Earth observation technology and Earth system science and establish the theory system for geospatial information science through establishing a Digital Earth science platform and promoting technological applications.

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