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Center for Applied Technology of Earth Observation
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Center for Applied Technology of Earth Observation

The Center for Applied Technology of Earth Observation is committed to the demonstration of advanced Earth observation systems, the calibration and validation of Earth observation data, the development of applied technologies of multi-source remote sensing image processing and advanced remote sensors, the development of Earth observation ground systems, the establishment of an industrial chain for the application of remote sensing satellites, and technology transfer and the large scale commercialization of research results in a comprehensive way.

Demonstration of spaceborne and ground-based observation.

Major Tasks

1.   Developing China’s technology system for the demonstration of civil space-based remote sensing on the basis of the three national space infrastructure projects, namely the high-resolution Earth observation system, national spatial data infrastructure for natural disasters, and national space infrastructure.

2.   Developing an applied technology system of advanced remote sensors by conducting systematic research into applied technologies of different state-of-the-art payloads, such as microwave, hyperspectral, laser, low-light level, fluorescent, and high- resolution payloads.

3.   Independently developing a stable production line for grade 3-5 information products of satellites in high resolution with the capacity for dealing with information products of a full procedure and emergency response.

4.   Formulating standards and specification systems for China’s satellite information products to integrate computing and data resources and to share information products.

 Theory and system for total quality testing in spaceborne and ground-based observation.

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