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RADI has a well-structured, highly qualified and energetic workforce for scientific research, consisting of researchers with strong innovation capacity, engineers who run two national infrastructures, and a professional administrative staff. In particular, RADI has trained and recruited a contingent of leading young scientists.


At present, RADI has a total staff of some 700 with an average age of 37.1. Among them, 104 are research professors, 191 are associate professor researchers, and 43.98% are doctoral graduates.



 Then Chinese Premier WEN Jiabao meets with Mr. Natarajan Ishwaran during a discussion with foreign experts in January 2013.



Top-notch scientists working for RADI include three CAS Members,one supported by National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, five high-level engineers of the CAS “Key Technical Talent Program”, two awardees of the NSFC Young Scientists Fund. Now, ten senior international scientists work at RADI via the CAS Visiting Professorship Program, while more than ten Chinese staff hold posts in international organizations. In addition, RADI has an “overseas innovation team” and a “domestic innovative partnership group for interdisciplinary research”.


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