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International Society for Digital Earth Calls for Council Member Nominations
 Date: 2016-01-31  Page Views:

The International society for Digital Earth (ISDE) is an international scientific organization principally promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards a one-world vision of Digital Earth. ISDE has successfully organized nine symposia and five summits in ten countries since its establishment, dedicated to promoting Digital Earth vision and further development of Digital Earth technologies and applications.

In order to strengthen the capacity and establish a more powerful operating body for ISDE, the ISDE Ad-hoc Bureau initiates the process to call for candidates for ISDE Council Members. The ISDE Secretariat thus announces the call for candidates to potentially become members of the ISDE Council.

According to the ISDE Statutes and Bylaws, ISDE Council Members can act for one term (this means starting on the day an ISDE event takes place, and ends on the last ISDE event that takes place two years after), and may be re-elected for a second term.

After approval by the ISDE Ad-hoc Bureau, the ISDE council members will be appointed and then they are cordially invited to participate in the ISDE council meeting to be held in early July 2016 in Beijing, therefore a new ISDE Council will be identified by early March 2016 (so as to have enough time to prepare visas, etc.).

Duties of ISDE Council members

As the senior body of ISDE, the ISDE Council should ensure that the mission and vision of ISDE moves forward through excellent scientific leadership. Some responsibilities of the ISDE council members are:

  • Scientific guide of ISDE into the ISDE strategic vision

  • Strongly supporting the contents of ISDE events

  • supporting the contents of IJDE

  • Providing scientific advice to the ISDE Ad-hoc Bureau

  • Developing Partnership with other organizations

  • Setting up Working groups or sub committees

  • Organizing national or regional ISDE events

  • Encouraging the membership of ISDE

  • Continuously contributing to the coherence of ISDE

Areas of Expertise

For an effective implementation of the Digital Earth concept, it is critical to include a broad variety of interdisciplinary experts. Currently experts to potentially be appointed as ISDE Council Members are scientists, researchers and developers of applications on the use of geospatial data and information for the following themes:

  • Use of geospatial data and information to process large amount of remote sensing data to semi-automatic derive data sets for societal benefit areas.

  • Use of geospatial data to model, assess and monitor earth systems (e.g. atmosphere, oceans, land, etc.)

  • Use of geospatial data and information to monitor, assess, model, understand global emerging issues such as global change, climate change, natural disasters, sustainable development, etc.

  • Use of geospatial data and information to support decision makers.

  • Geospatial data systems; development of e-infrastructure, global databases, web-based services, etc.

  • Virtual representation of earth systems: modeling, visualization, virtual reality

  • Integration of geospatial data with socio-economic data.

  • Big data (all areas)

  • Integration of new emerging geospatial data sensors: UAVs, social media, smart phones, etc.

  • Impact of the use of digital data into society: security, privacy, ethics, etc.

  • Use of geospatial data for education (preference, education applied to the previous mentioned topics).

Who can nominate

Only ISDE Members are entitled to nominate candidates. The nominator can also recommend himself/herself to serve for the council.

Nomination Criteria

  • Candidates to be nominated must:

  • Be willing to become a Member of ISDE

  • Be willing to participate in the work of ISDE, take part in the ISDE meetings and to continuously promote the ISDE concepts, research and activities among peers, other scientific disciplines and the society in general.

  • Have significant recognized professional experience in one or more Digital Earth research areas and must be an active professional in one or more of the Digital Earth related disciplines.

  • ISDE Council Members must attend at least TWO out of the three ISDE Council meetings that normally take place during his/her term. Candidate must also attend the ISDE Summit or ISDE Symposium that takes place after the ISDE Council.

Nomination procedure

An ISDE Member willing to propose a candidate, should send the nomination form, together with a C.V., to the ISDE Secretariat, no later than 16 February 2016. The ISDE Secretariat will acknowledge the reception of the nomination form, and will send the whole candidate list to the ISDE Ad-hoc Bureau for their decision.


Should you have any questions or concerns on the nomination, please contact the ISDE Secretariat.

Tel: +86-10-82178912

Fax: +86-10-82178916


Download: ISDE Call for Council member nominations  ISDE nomination form for council members

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