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CALL FOR PAPERS for Remote Sensing of Atmosphere Column
 Date: 2014-01-03  Page Views:

Atmospheric and climate change constitutes a hot topic in today’s scientific research. China is confronted with a severe challenge of atmospheric pollution. Due to complicated causes, in particular, heavy haze has frequently hit central and east China. At the same time, against the background of global change, the temporal and spatial distribution, change tendency and process and regional transport of atmospheric parameters (such as aerosol, greenhouse gas, pollution gas and cloud) have a direct bearing on regional climate and public health. As a basic means to monitor atmospheric characteristics and process, remote sensing of atmosphere has scored significant progress over the past decade or so in such fields as retrieving algorithm of ground-based optical instruments and multi-source satellite sensors and their application.  

To show the state-of-the-art advancement in the field, the Journal of Remote Sensing is to launch a special column on Remote Sensing of Atmosphere, focusing on topics like new research progress and achievements, new thinking and methods in this regard. Researchers at home and abroad are encouraged to submit their papers.


1.    Basic theory of atmospheric remote sensing

   --Atmospheric radiation transport modes

   --Effect of particle optical scattering

2.    Advanced detection technologies for atmospheric remote sensing

   -- Ground-based networking for optical observation

   -- Ground-based vertical observation of atmosphere

   -- Satellite remote sensing retrieval of atmospheric parameters 

3.    Remote sensing of atmospheric environment

   -- Satellite retrieval of surface particle concentration

   -- Temporal and spatial distribution and development process of regional smog pollution

   -- Monitoring of anthropogenic emission sources

   -- Multi-source remote sensing of extreme pollution events

4.    Climatic effects of aerosol and cloud

   -- Optical and physical characteristics of aerosol and cloud

   -- Assimilation and application of multi-source satellite remote sensing data

   -- Joint application of Satellite Remote sensing Numerical model

Please Note:

We only accept a paper with reliable and authentic data, and high academic and application promotion values, and with the understanding that the paper has not been published elsewhere, and has not been presented at a public conference.

Please use the submission service ( to submit your papers, noting paper for the special column “Remote Sensing of Atmosphere”.


Editorial Office

Journal of Remote Sensing

Tel: 86-10-64806643


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