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CAS President BAI Chunli Pays a Work Visit to RADI
 Date: 2018-02-10  Page Views:

CAS President BAI Chunli visited RADI on February 1, 2017 to attend a democratic consulting meeting within RADI leadership, where Bai held talks with RADI leaders and gave suggestions on the institute’s development.

Bai fully confirmed RADI leadership’s contribution to the process of CAS institutes merging. He also appreciated RADI efforts in the past years from the aspects of advancing research, maintaining smooth operation of its big science infrastructures, carrying on major research projects, and prompting commercialization of research achievements.

Bai held that it is necessary for RADI to explore an innovative R&D approach by deepening institutional and structural reforms, trying to avoid low-level duplication, homogeneous, disorderly competition, and fragmented expansion. “The vitality of the institute lies in prompting S&T innovation”, Bai said.

To achieving this, RADI should clear all sorts of tangible and invisible barriers, breaking all kinds of “walls” within and outside of CAS institutes, promote interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, and effective integration, strengthen cooperation, and work together to promote innovation and development.

He also stressed that RADI should form a big-picture thinking, making mid- and long- term development strategy by integrating national strategic demands and international research frontiers.

This visit is wrapped up by an inspection tour to the Applied Technology Center for China High-resolution Earth Observation System, which is hosted by RADI.

CAS President BAI Chunli visits RADI.



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