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RADI Researcher BI Siwen Elected as Academician of IEAS
 Date: 2017-11-29  Page Views:

The China Science Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS) held its 20th Academician Conference on November 18, 2017, on which RADI researcher BI Siwen was awarded the diploma of IEAS Member.

Prof. Bi was elected as a member of the IEAS at the 19th academician conference of the China Science Center in October 2016 and was formally approved by the headquarters of IEAS in April 2017.

The International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS), established in 1994, consists of natural scientists, engineering and technical experts, and social scientists from around the world. It is committed to promoting international exchange in science and technology, in particular in Europe and Asia.

IEAS has set up three regional centers in Europe (France), Eurasia (Russia) and Asia Pacific (China) and has established National Science Centers in 15 countries. The IEAS China Science Center was established in 1996, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Prof. BI Siwen has long been engaged in the research of quantum remote sensing, who has established the theoretical framework and technology system of quantum remote sensing and completed the first quantum remote sensing prototype in China.

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