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Officials from Ministry of Water Resources Visit RADI, Seeking for Smarter Water Management
 Date: 2017-07-24  Page Views:

A delegation led by LU Guihua, Vice Minister of Ministry of Water Resources visited RADI on July 13, 2017, hoping to join hands with RADI in applying remote sensing technology for more precise water resource management.

Accompanied by Prof. GU Xingfa, and Prof. ZHANG Bin, Executive Deputy Director and Deputy Director of RADI, the party visited the Operation and Management Centre under China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station, a RADI hosted large science infrastructure to have a thorough understanding of the process of satellite data reception.

At a briefing held for the visitors, several RADI researchers introduced their research on applying remote sensing for China’s water resource management. Their reports themed on “remote sensing monitoring of ecological environment in the areas of Three Gorges Reservoir Area and middle route of South-North Water Diversion”, “remote sensing monitoring of inland water pollution in China” and “real - time service system of remote sensing satellite for water industry”.

LU spoke highly of RADI’s contribution in the field, and especially affirmed the value of Report on Remote Sensing Monitoring of China's Sustainable Development (2016), which was compiled by RADI scientists and was released in June in the form of green book.

LU held that remote sensing technology has great application potentials, particularly in the precise management of water resources. He hoped to join hands with RADI in water resource management, building long-term cooperation and exploring new cooperation approach in various aspects such as water resource monitoring, water environment protection, and the development of global water cycle satellite.

Prof. GU pointed out that RADI as largest national research institute in China’s remote sensing field, is home to advantageous remote sensing resources and boasts of many research advantages. He held that S&T innovation should be national demand-oriented, and RADI should make every effort to promote better remote sensing applications in more industries in light of our national demands.

Officials from Ministry of Water Resources visit RADI.

The guests visit the Operation and Management Centre under China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station.

A scene of the meeting.

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