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China's First Overseas Land Satellite Receiving Station Put into Operation
 Date: 2016-12-15  Page Views:

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI) opened the China Remote Sensing Satellite North Polar Ground Station (CNPGS) on December 15th, 2016, near Kiruna, Sweden. Constructed and operated by RADI, the station is supported by China’s “National Major Project on High Resolution Satellites” to receive data transmitted from high-resolution Earth observation satellites. After two years of construction, CNPGS has been put into trial operation after an on-site inspection on Thursday. Representatives attended the inauguration ceremony of CNPGS, including TANG Yan, Deputy Director of the Center for Major Projects on High Resolution Satellites, LIU Jianbo, Deputy Director of RADI, and Leif Österbo, President of Satellite Management Services Division of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC).

CHEN Yuming, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, sent a congratulation letter, which said that CNPGS has laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation of China and Sweden in science, technology and economic cooperation.

CNPGS is located at the Esrange Space Center, at 67o53’ north latitude, 21o04’ east longitude, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

CNPGS is China's first land satellite receiving station constructed overseas. It has a special geographical advantage because polar-orbiting satellites fly over the station’s location due to their north-south orbital direction around Earth. CNPGS can greatly increase the transmission efficiency of satellite data, and can effectively improve China's capability to rapidly access global remote sensing data, which is of great significance for applications requiring rapid response such as natural disasters.

CNPGS is the first engineering application of the three-band antenna in China. It is capable of receiving all-weather, all-time, and multi-resolution satellite data, and is compatible with follow-up Ka-band receiving requirements. The construction of CNPGS broke through a large number of key technologies, including a large-scale three-axis antenna structure system that is light, modular, low-temperature, easily disassembled, unmanned, and capable of remote fault diagnosis and maintenance. Through the completion of CNPGS, China's technology related to the receiving station has reached an internationally advanced level.

Inauguration Ceremony.

China Remote Sensing Satellite North Polar Ground Station.

Ground stations located in Beijing, Sanya, Kashgar, Kunming, and Kiruna.

Antenna of CNPGS.

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