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CAS Vice President XIANGLI Bin Tours RADI
 Date: 2016-10-20  Page Views:

On October 9, XIANGLI Bin, Vice President of CAS, visited RADI to participate in a panel discussion and tour the campus.

He visited the demonstration hall of the Digital Earth Science Platform, the Airborne Remote Sensing Center, and the remote sensing satellite operation and management system. Prof. GU Xingfa, RADI Deputy Director, introduced RADI and presented the results of the 12th Five-Year Plan and 13th Five-Year Plan. Afterwards, XIANGLI Bin exchanged ideas with panel participants, including Academicians TONG Qingxi and GUO Huadong, along with the directors of science and technology divisions and administrative departments.

XIANGLI Bin fully affirmed the work done to integrate and reform RADI. He pointed out that, by reforming institutional mechanisms, concisely laying out scientific research, and innovating the culture of the institute, the entire organization came to a consensus on its mission, uniting together to grasp the overall situation. Currently, important progress has been made in cultivating and keeping talent, advancing research, and other aspects. XIANGLI Bin also recognized the strong scientific research foundation and scientific and technological strengths of RADI, and pointed out that the institute has formed its own characteristics and irreplaceability in major national infrastructure operations and services. It is part of a complete technical chain, including its domestic influence and international cooperation. He expressed his congratulations and gratitude to RADI for its achievements.

XIANGLI Bin made some recommendations on the next steps for RADI. First, as a unit involved in remote sensing applications, RADI should further meet major national demands and provide scientific and technological support for national agencies. At the same time, he proposed technical requirements for the payload development unit, to guide platform and payload innovation. As an integrated unit, RADI combines scientific research, operation, engineering and other work in one. XIANGLI Bin hoped that the institute’s leadership would further improve the culture of innovation, materialize the institute’s creative thinking, promote cultural integration, mobilize the staff’s enthusiasm, build momentum to further strengthen basic research, and promote the institute to advance its development. XIANGLI Bin also made some comments and recommendations on specific projects.

XU Fanjiang, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Major R&D Programs, accompanies XIANGLI Bin on the visit.

XIANGLI Bin tours the scientific research building. 

XIANGLI Bin speaks to the leadership, researchers, and staff at RADI.


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