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CAS Vice President WANG Enge Visits RADI
 Date: 2015-07-20  Page Views:

CAS Vice President Wang Enge paid a visit to RADI and held a meeting with RADI leadership and backbone researchers on July 15. 

Prof. Wang visited RADI-housed facilities such as the Digital Earth platform demonstration system, the remote sensing satellite data pre-processing, receiving and operation management system, and the Airborne Remote Sensing Center. He also visited the workplaces of RADI-hosted international S & T platforms including the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage, the International Society for Digital Earth and its editorial office, the International Programme Office of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk, the CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation.

At the meeting, RADI Director-General GUO Huadong reported RADI’s progress in the implementation of the CAS “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning. Deputy Director LIU Jianbo briefed the construction of China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station and the operation of remote sensing aircraft. After that, Wang exchanged views with the participants about the development of scientific researchers, talent cultivation programs, R&D of major scientific research equipment, and some other issues.

Wang pointed out that RADI should accurately position itself and RADI researchers should be clear about their development direction. Boasting an open and inclusive academic environment, CAS needs both backbone researchers and a sound talent cultivation system, he added. 

Speaking of the R&D of major scientific research equipment, Wang required RADI to strengthen cooperation with the relevant organizations, do a good job in its basic work, make good use of the advantages of CAS, and constantly improve the competitiveness of its infrastructure facilities in order to meet major national needs. 

CAS Vice President WANG Enge listens to an introduction about the work of RADI.

WANG Enge delivers a speech at RADI.


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