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Digital Earth Science Platform Passes Acceptance Check
 Date: 2015-01-06  Page Views:

The Digital Earth science platform, which was accomplished by RADI, has recently passed the acceptance check by a review panel under the auspices of CAS in Beijing. The chair of the panel was CAS Member XU Guanhua and its vice chairs were CAS Members SUN Shu and SUN Jinlin.

With an objective of conducting scientific research at the frontiers of Digital Earth science and satisfying key national needs in spatial information, the feat has solved many technological bottlenecks, including platform construction, spatial data acquisition, multi-source and heterogeneous data processing and analysis, PB-level spatial information management and service, precise inversion and application of geo-information and 3D high-resolution simulation of complex scenes.

As the world’s first Digital Earth science platform, it has been successful in realizing integrated analysis of Earth science data with land observation data as its core, and using their research results in different fields. It has made important achievements in global change studies, and emergency monitoring and assessment of earthquakes in Yushu and Lushan via remote sensing technology. The results have been used in hundreds of projects of cyberspace information systems and were positively spoken by its users.

After listening to the report of its research team and watching the demonstration of research achievements, the review panelists agreed that the platform has an advanced research concept and technological route with remarkable creativity and wide application. As a milestone for the advancement of Digital Earth science platform, it will lead the Digital Earth science development in the world. Its achievements are up to the world advanced level and have been used in studies of global change, climate change and disaster mitigation, with significant socioeconomic benefits. It is an important contribution of CAS to earth science and sustainable development of the country.

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