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CAS Vice President Conducts Studies at RADI
 Date: 2014-12-23  Page Views:

Accompanied WANG Chaoyue and YU Jingjie, leaders of the CAS Bureau of Major Research and Development Programs, CAS Vice President YIN Hejun visited RADI to carry out a survey on December 18, 2014.

He first listened to a report by RADI Director-General GUO Huadong on the overall development of the institute, and advancement of its” One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning and “Pioneering Initiative.” Prof. Guo assured the CAS leadership that RADI will earnestly put the CAS strategic arrangement into practice by giving full play of RADI’s key advantages so as to score outstanding achievements in scientific research, team building and S&T consultation. Prof. Guo’s report was complemented by detailed reports on the development of the State Key Laboratory Remote Sensing Science (SLRSS), major projects of application system of high-resolution observation of Earth and a satellite ground system, which were made by SLRSS Director Prof. SHI Jiancheng, RADI Deputy Directors GU Xingfa and LIU Jianbo, respectively.

Then, Prof. YIN and leaders from the CAS Bureau made specific inquiries and answered questions from RADI researchers regarding institution reform and human resource development. While speaking positively about the significant progress made by RADI in various undertakings over the past 35 years, Prof. YIN cautioned RADI people to have a sober understanding of external changes. He asked them to find right positioning and objectives, keep pace with the times, and accomplish their goals in an orderly manner. In addition, Prof. YIN watched a video about the 35-year development of RADI and the playback of data reception of CBER-04 satellite.

CAS Vice President YIN Hejun visits the RADI exhibit.

CAS Vice President YIN Hejun delivers a report.


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