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RADI Shares First Batch of Satellite Data on Pu’er Earthquake in Yunan
 Date: 2014-10-09  Page Views:

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit Pu’er City in Southwestern China's Yunan Province with a focal depth of 5 kilometers at 9:49 p.m. on October 7. RADI rapidly launched its emergency response system for disaster monitoring and took a range of measures for disaster monitoring and assessment.

Drawing on its powerful automatic data processing system, RADI researchers produced the historical data of the earthquake-stricken region on the SPOT-4, SPOT-5, and LANDSAT-8 satellites. By the time of 11.a.m. on October 8, RADI shared its first batch of pre-earthquake satellite data. Satellite images for sharing are available on the internet via: radi_yunnanPSD: radi_yunnan.

In addition, RADI has submitted the application for urgent acquisition of data from THEOS, SPOT, and other satellites and kept close contact with domestic satellite users to gather relevant data promptly. The after-quake satellite dataset will be acquired within one or five days.

Meanwhile, RADI keeps in close touch with related governmental departments, domestic and international satellite management agencies so as to track the latest progress of the quake and its relief, and to obtain updating satellite monitoring data promptly. All the datasets, pre- and post- earthquake, will play an important role for the scientists to interpret and assess the quake effect, therefore providing decision-making suggestions to national authorities.

LANDSAT - 8 satellite image of the epicenter area before the quake (September28, 2014).


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