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Strive to Build RADI into a World-class Institute
 Date: 2014-02-28  Page Views:

Blueprinting a roadmap to build RADI into a world-class institute will top of the institute’s action agenda in 2014, says Prof. GUO Huadong, Director-general of RADI and CAS Member. Other major tasks to be carried out by RADI this year include: producing outstanding S&T results in line with “135” project; conducting pre-research into S&T development in the 13th Five-year plan period; ensuring sound operation of national key S&T infrastructures and fulfilling relevant tasks; upgrading S&T platforms; developing high-level and interdisciplinary research workforce; strengthening graduate education; promoting international cooperation; and facilitating technological transfer.

GUO made the remarks at RADI 2014 annual work conference held in Beijing on February 20 and 21. Focusing on clarifying the development goal of the institute, promoting S&T outputs thus laying a solid foundation for developing a first-class research body in the world, the meeting was attended by more than 200 senior researchers and administrators of RADI.

In his report entitled “Building a World-class Research Institute through Reform, Innovation and Leapfrog Development”, Prof. GUO reviewed the progress of the institute over the last year, stressing that 2013 is a crucial year for RADI to accomplish its “135” Project and to start operation after its establishment through consolidation. “Significant progress was achieved in different undertakings,” he observed.

Prof. GUO also put forward the objectives of RADI in the new development period: building a world-class institute by making clear S&T development trends; satisfying the strategic needs of the country; keeping in mind the national strategy of innovation-driven development, national S&T system reform initiative and the “taking lead” action plan of CAS; finding and overcoming shortcomings; and addressing challenges facing the institute.

In order to achieve the objectives, he called on RADI people to: take active part in global competition and cooperation, build S&T innovation capacity and international competence, make breakthrough progress in key/major scientific issues, and take favorable positions for scientific research into remote sensing and Digital Earth; nurture qualified professionals with international prestige, form a high-level S&T workforce with balanced structure, and create an academic environment conducive to sound scientific research; carry out high-caliber foresight studies and offer suggestions for government policymaking by developing think tanks and strengthening international cooperation; and promote substantial and strategic collaboration with first-class research institutions across the world.

The participants also listened to reports on the progress of the “135” project at RADI and ideas and measures to build a world-class institute given respectively by two RADI Deputy Directors, Prof. ZHANG Bing and Prof. LIU Jianbo.

The RADI 2014 Annual Work Conference Convenes in Beijing.


Prof. GUO Huadong, Director-general of RADI, delivers a work report at the conference.

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