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CAS Vice President Zhan Wenlong Visits RADI
 Date: 2013-11-30  Page Views:

On November 29, CAS Vice President Zhan Wenlong paid an inspection tour to the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI).

Mr. Zhan visited the Digital Earth platform demonstration system, the remote sensing satellite data receiving and processing system, the Airborne Remote Sensing Center, the Satellite Data Pre-processing Division, the International Centre on Space Technology for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO, the International Society for Digital Earth, the International Programme Office of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk, the CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation (SDIM),etc.

After that, he listened to a progress report on RADI and its talent Program, and had discussions with representatives of the Institute.  After an exchange of views, the Vice President put forward his suggestions on RADI team building, talent cultivation and other issues.

Referring to talents as the key to innovation, Mr. Zhan expressed his hope that, while implementing CAS “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning, the Institute would organize the application for the CAS talent programs, and strengthen introduction and cultivation of young talents, especially those “excellent” and “distinguished” talents as defined by NSFC. He also stressed that in nurturing young talents, RADI should give full play to such platforms as the Centres of Excellence and the CAS Youth Innovation Promotion Association in order to lay a solid foundation for making more outstanding research achievements in the future. 


CAS Vice President ZHAN Wenlong visits RADI.


ZHAN exchanges views with the representatives of RADI.


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