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23rd International CODATA Conference and 28th General Assembly Held in Taipei
 Date: 2012-11-23  Page Views:

The 23rd International CODATA Conference and 28th General Assembly were held in Taipei from October 28th to November 2nd. The 23rd International CODATA Conference was co-organized by CODATA and the Academy of Sciences located in Taipei. The theme of the conference was “Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet”. More than 300 specialists and scholars from over 30 countries and regions worldwide were present at the conference. The participants developed a discussion around the following issues: national and regional data policies, data preservation and management, data sharing and data reference, the concepts and applications of an open environment for data, issues in data-intensive scientific fields, interdisciplinary data applications,  technology for processing disaster data, and infrastructure construction.

The conference was opened on October 29th. Yuan Tseh Lee, President of the International Council for Science (ICSU); GUO Huadong, President of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA); Ray Harris, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the conference;and Der Tsai Lee, Chair of the Local Organization Committee CODATA 2012 were present at the conference and gave speeches. 

GUO Huadong pointed out in his speech that, with the continuous development of science and technology and the ever-growing of the amount of data, “the age of big data” has arrived. He hoped to serve the changing planet and its future and develop a larger role for scientific data and information in scientific, social, economic and political reforms in different countries through discussion about global data challenges, open data, and information sharing.

At the event, a panel of CODATA judges for the biennial CODATA Prize announced that the 2012 CODATA prize was awarded to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences member, Michael Goodchild. The CODATA prize is the top prize offered by the organization at the global level, set up in 2000. The prize is bestowed to experts and scholars for their outstanding contributions to the field of data and information science through public appraisal worldwide. 

The conference was closed on October 31st. At the closing ceremony, GUO Huadong issued certificates to the outstanding young scientists of CODATA from more than ten countries and regions on behalf of CODATA.

The 28th CODATA General Assembly was held from November 1st to November 2nd. President GUO Huadong presided over the meeting. More than 50 representatives from 20 countries and regions and 16 international organizations were present. Participants summarized CODATA’s activities since October 2010 and approved the CODATA Strategic Plan for 2013-2018. An election of officials and the executive board of CODATA was also held during the assembly. The new Secretary-General, Treasurer, and eight executive board members were elected for CODATA. Twelve task groups were approved and organized through discussion about the existing and pending task groups. The assembly recognized Finland, Mongolia, and the Czech Republic as three new members of CODATA. The assembly heard the application report of the Indian Academy of Sciences, bidding for the next International CODATA Conference, and decided that the 24th International CODATA Conference and 29th CODATA General Assembly will be held in October 2014 in New Delhi, India.

A group of more than 50 experts from Chinese mainland attended the conference. In the week of sessions, the Chinese delegation yielded substantial results. The Secretary-General of the CODATA-CHINA, LI Jianhui, gave a progress report on member countries. CAS Member CHEN Hesheng from the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a keynote address entitled “Data Challenges in Large-Scale Scientific Research Programs”. WANG Changlin, LI Guoqing, MA Juncai, LIU Chuang, and GU Xingfa chaired the sessions successively. CHEN Fang also gave an academic report at a high-level session. Important progress was made in task group. In the 12 task groups, three scientists from China hold the posts as chair and or co-chair.

CODATA was established in 1966 as a subordinate academic institution of ICSU to promote the application of data for science and technology, develop data science, promote scientific research, and ultimately benefit mankind and the planet. As the world’s largest international academic organization on data for science and technology, CODATA has more than 50 member countries and international academic member organizations. In October 2010, GUO Huadong GUO was elected president of this international organization for a four-year term—the first time a Chinese national has served as the president since CODATA was founded 44 years prior. The International CODATA Conference and General Assembly are held biennially as two of the main activities of CODATA. CODATA is honored as “the United Nations assembly in the field of data for science and technology”, serving as an important platform for exchange and cooperation at the global level in research on data for science and technology.

The Opening Ceremony of the 23rd International CODATA Conference

GUO Huadong delivers his opening remarks

GUO Huadong presides over the 28th CODATA General Assembly

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