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RADI English Salon Kicks off
 Date: 2017-07-26  Page Views:

For international students, English Salon is an excellent place to meet new Chinese friends and also a new start to learn Chinese culture. And you are always welcomed to share with us the unique cultures of your country. This is the QR code of Wechat grop of English Salon, please scan it if you want to join us. Contact us if you have any questions (Email: or you can directly contact the organizer Frank Pei with the Wechat account: peijie521314.

On the evening of July 20, 2017, the first activity of the “English Salon” was held at RADI, which was attended by nearly 20 Chinese and international students. Frank Pei, the organizer of "English Salon" introduced the origin of this activity. As he said, “English salon” was originally founded by him and his partners in September 2015 at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), aiming to provide a platform for graduate students to improve oral English. Now the “English Salon” has returned to RADI, with its new goal to provide an excellent platform for Chinese and international students to exchange ideas and experience cultural diversity.

Brief introduction to English Salon.

Then each member made a simple self-introduction in English and shared their own stories.

After that, it came to the main part of the activity. Jigme Jigs from Holland made an interesting speech about his studies and daily life in Bhutan, Holland and China.

Figure 2. Jigme Jigs introduces his country.

The second part was the roundtable discussion section, with all participants divided into three groups. The topic discussed this time was about “How to identify fake news”. Chinese students and international students exchanged their opinions in this section.

Roundtable discussion.

After discussion, the members played two interestingly interactive games, including "You Describe & I Guess" and "Chinese & English Proverbs". The organizers presented prizes for the highest scoring team members.

Game time.

Finally, we came to Language Partner Programme, in which Chinese students had to teach their international partners Pinyin and Chinese characters. In fact, they found that it is not difficult for international students to pronounce Chinese characters as long as they know Pinyin.

 Language Partner Programme.

 Group photo.

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