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2017 Public Science Day Activity Kicks off at RADI
 Date: 2017-05-25  Page Views:

The 2017 Public Science Day kicked off at RADI on May 20, attended by more than 150 science fans from universities, research institutes, primary and secondary schools.

The event featured scientific explanation, special reports, virtual reality experience, and 3D Digital Earth demonstration. Prof. CHEN Liangfu from RADI delivered a science popularization report on satellite remote sensing. Prof. Chen explained the concept of remote sensing and its application for forest fire and straw burning and air pollution monitoring via satellite remote sensing. He also mentioned emerging global economies, the “Belt and Road” Initiative and other major issues, help science fans fully understand the important role of satellite remote sensing in solving the urgent problems humanity faces.

In the exhibition area of the first floor of RADI’s S&T building, visitors watched RADI’s satellite data receiving and real-time broadcasting system and typical aerospace remote sensing images. In the experience and demonstration area of “virtual simulation system for fire escape” of State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, science fans showed keen interest in the simulation and virtual training system for school fire emergency escape and experienced virtual evacuation exercise. In the Digital Earth Demonstration Hall, visitors experienced the 3D Digital Earth, updating their knowledge of Digital Earth technology for world heritage protection. At the Satellite Ground System Operation Management Department, visitors listened to the development trend of China’s land satellite receiving station network.

With good conditions and sound basis for spreading popular-science knowledge, RADI is committed to the popularization and dissemination of science. This annual activity is a useful attempt to open up new forms of publicizing science knowledge by integrating RADI’s science resources.

Prof. CHEN Liangfu delivered a popular science report.

Visitors watch the satellite data-receiving real-time broadcast system.

Science fans experienced the simulation and virtual training system for school fire emergency escape.

RADI scientists explain how Satellite Ground Operation Management System works.


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