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Microwave Target Property Measuring Laboratory Settles Down in Deqing
 Date: 2016-11-23  Page Views:

LIU Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, visited the exhibition booth of the microwave target property measuring laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "the laboratory") with other officials on November 16 during an investigative trip there. The laboratory was built by Prof. SHAO Yun’s team at RADI in the Geographic Information Industrial Park in Zhejiang in Deqing County. CCTV news covered this event on November 18.

ZHANG Weizhong, Director of the Geographic Information Industrial Park of Zhejiang Province, led Liu and others to the exhibition booth of the laboratory. He introduced Prof. Shao, deputy to the 18th CPC National Congress and a scientist of CAS. Shaos team built the laboratory in the Geographic Information Industrial Park. Shao explained a miniature on display at the exhibition booth, saying, "Our laboratory is a scientific experiment platform that conducts microwave property measurement and simulation imaging for targets, devices, and materials. This is a 1:50 miniature. After construction is completed, it will be a hemispherical scientific experiment facility which is 24 meters long, 24 meters wide, and 17 meters high."

Shao then gave a detailed description of the reason the laboratory chose to settle down in Deqing, and the function and potential application of the laboratory. She said, "Deqing is a good place with green mountains, clear water, nice people and beautiful scenery. More importantly, the local leaders are far-sighted, bold enough to lead the way forward, and thoughtful in providing various supporting services." According to Shao, the laboratory will provide an experimental platform for next-generation microwave satellites innovatively and independently designed by Chinese scientists. The laboratory may also conduct continuous, year-round, full incidence angle microwave spectral measurements to increase the satellites’ sounding accuracy. It may also conduct industrial measurements, provide relevant enterprises in Deqing with measurement services, and drive high-tech zones to participate in China's infrastructure construction for microwave remote sensing satellites and their industrial applications and development. The goal is to bring satellites "down to Earth". It may even make use of microwave's penetrating power in the future to conduct cancer testing, develop new medical detection instruments, and lead to the development of new industries with breakthroughs in basic scientific experiments.

When Liu asked about the laboratory construction, Shao took out a mobile phone and displayed the progress of the construction, explaining, "So far we have finished construction of the high-precision horizontal track and turntable, with the precision reaching the millimeter level. This is the core device of the total-factor microwave property measurement system, which can realize high-precision orbital simulation required in typical synthetic aperture imaging for ground objects." XIA Baolong, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, then asked when the laboratory construction can be completed, and gave positive comments on the work.

Within the half-hour survey, the RADI exhibit was where Liu stayed the longest, and the booth appeared in a report by CCTV, China Central Televisions daily news broadcast, as an example of the Geographic Information Industrial Park.

Liu Yunshan listens to Comrade Shao Yun's introduction to the microwave target property measuring laboratory.

1:50 scale miniature of the microwave target property measuring laboratory

Installation team for high-precision horizontal track and turntable.

High-precision horizontal track and turntable.

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