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RSGS Receives Data from ZY-3 02 Satellite
 Date: 2016-06-18  Page Views:

The ZY-3 02 satellite was launched on May 30, 2016, with its first pass downstream data was successfully tracked and received by Miyun Station under China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (RSGS) at 10:56:40 on May 31, By 11:01:40, the station has received, recorded and transmitted a total of 34GB of data at dual channels from ZY-3 02.

ZY-3 02 is the subsequent satellite of China's first high-precision stereoscopic-plotting satellite - ZY-3 01, also the first operational satellite after "Medium and Long-term Development Planning for National Civil Space Infrastructure (2015- 2025)" was officially released. The satellite will be networked with ZY-3 01, whose data reception is also conducted by RSGS. The two satellites can ensure long-term and stable acquisition of the high-resolution stereoscopic plotting data.

RSGS will also successively take on data reception tasks for other land observing satellites under China's development planning for civil space infrastructure.


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