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Sanya Satellite Ground Station Receives Data from Sounding Rocket
 Date: 2016-05-04  Page Views:

The “Kunpeng 1-B” sounding rocket for space environment vertical exploration was launched by the CAS National Space Science Center at its Hainan Sounding Rocket Launching Site in Danzhou on April 27. RADI’s Sanya Satellite Ground Station successfully captured and tracked the paths of the rocked and obtained the rocket data completely.

The data reception of the rocket becomes difficult due to the great gap between the actual orbit and the forecasted one. To address this, RADI engineers at Sanya Station firstly managed to manually control the antenna, then shifted to automatic tracking mode, successfully receiving and recording the data about the whole launching process. Analysis results shows that the data is well received.

The sound reception of the rocket data was guaranteed by full preparation from the RADI engineers, including the rocket orbit simulation, wired and wireless rocket-earth docking tests, transmitting frequency calibration, and launching drills conducted from April 15 to 18.

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