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SJ-10 Satellite Data Received by RSGS
 Date: 2016-05-05  Page Views:

Recoverable scientific experiment satellite SJ-10, the second satellite of the CAS space science strategic pilot research project, was successfully launched on April 6, and its on-orbit operation ended on April 26.  RADI-affiliated China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (or “RSGS”) is responsible for receiving SJ-10 data. With the efforts of all its staff members, the station received 100% of the satellite’s data.

In accordance with the satellite operation plan, RSGS received a total of 149 paths of data, of which the Miyun Station accounted for 75 paths, the Kashi Station for 43 paths, and the Sanya Station 31 paths. As a result, 460GB of real-time task data and 545GB of non-real-time task data were generated. All the data were transmitted to the National Space Center and the data processing results were correct, which contributed to the completion of on-orbit experiments of the satellite.

According to the characteristics and specific requirements of the SJ-10 data receiving task, RSGS adopted a series of technical measures, made some technical breakthroughs and ensured the completion of the task. For the first time, it used the compound control technology in combination with the precision orbit prediction technology to realize highly dynamic and reliable tracking of the SJ-10 satellite operating on an orbit as low as 250km only. It used the LDPC decoding and processing technique to receive and record satellite data at two different downlink bit rates: 150Mbps and 300Mbps. Also for the first time, it used the real-time data transmission technology throughout the life cycle of a satellite and successfully transmitted the observation data of SJ-10 to the final destination.

This time, the SJ-10 satellite accomplished a total of 19 experiments in 6 major fields including microgravity fluid physics, the most in the history of China in a single mission of space microgravity and life science experiments.  The ground station’s innovative technology breakthroughs and its experience accumulated in performing the task will provide a solid guarantee for the future space science satellite missions of China.

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