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Second IEEE Fellow Academic Forum Held at RADI
 Date: 2015-11-30  Page Views:

The second “IEEE Fellow Academic Forum”, organized by IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) chapter at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), was held on October 13, attended by some 70 students from the CAS institutes. This forum was supported by the Graduate Union of RADI, the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, the Strategy Planning Department, IEEE Beijing section, and IEEE Student Branch of UCAS.

Prof. CHEN Kunshan, an IEEE fellow well-known for his research in microwave scattering model (MSM) was invited to deliver a speech titled “A small talk with IEEE members”. Prof. Chen’s speech highlighted the theoretical and methodological issues related to MSM and the development of synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Prof. Chen proposed that a good model should be built on the physical mechanisms to describe the world, and the computer modelling should be as simple as possible. He concluded that “making a useful model and making a model useful” is the final goal of the MSM.

The IEEE GRSS student chapter at UCAS was introduced in the last section. Affiliated with RADI, the IEEE GRSS student branch chapter at UCAS was founded in July, 2013 with a goal to foster both the academic and professional interactions between local student members and IEEE, especially GRSS in the realm of geosciences and remote sensing. Then the 2016 activity plan, featuring some visits to some famous corporations and the 2016 IGARSS conference in Beijing was introduced on the forum.

Prof. CHEN Kunshan, an IEEE fellow, delivers a speech to the students.

                     Application of New Student Members.


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