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8th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Seminar Opens in Beijing
 Date: 2015-09-29  Page Views:

Between September 9 and 11, the 8th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Seminar (AP-GEOSS) was held in Beijing.  Themed “Towards the next decade of GEOSS in the Asia-Pacific Region”, the seminar attracted over 200 delegates and experts  from 32 countries.

Prof. GU Xingfa from RADI, a member of the GEO's 10-year Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG), made a keynote speech on the progress and development of China GEOSS.

At the 10th plenary meeting and the 3rd ministerial summit of GEO convened in Geneva between January 15 and 17, 2014, the resolution of “GEOSS 10-year (2016-2025) Implementation Plan Work Group (IPWG)” was adopted. After the meetings, GEO organized and coordinated the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia/Oceania and the Commonwealth of the Independent States to recommend three experts respectively to set up the IPWG global work group that consists of 15 experts to formulate the next 10-year implementation plan of GEOSS.

As a member of the IPWG work group and the leader of the expert work group for researches on the development strategy of integrated Earth Observation applications in China, Prof. Gu has organized Chinese experts to set forth the overall goal of and propose ideas on the strategic researches on the integrated application of global earth observation, playing an positive role in the formulation of the GEOSS 10-year implementation plan on behalf of China.

In September 2014, RADI, together with other partners, has organized delegates from the Asia/Oceania region to make strategic discussions and made recommendations on the development of GEOSS in the next 10 years. The recommendations have been adopted by IPWG in the framework of GEOSS’s 10-year implementation plan.


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