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Fifty-six RADI Programs Funded by NSFC in 2015
 Date: 2015-09-30  Page Views:

According to a recent review report released by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 56 programs of RADI (excluding the programs that are still being reviewed) are financially supported by NSFC in 2015, accounting for nearly 31% of all the programs of RADI.

The NSFC funded programs include one program of the scientific fund for excellent young scientistsone key program, 21 general programs, and 33 programs of the scientific fund for young scholars.

The RADI programs funded this year cover three disciplines including Earth science, information science, and life science. It is the first time that a life science program of RADI is funded by NSFC.

Twelve young scholars are sponsored by the NSFC this year, becoming the major force of the NSFC funded RADI scientists.
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