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101st RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Dynamical Ocean Modelling
 Date: 2015-07-22  Page Views:

Prof. Thomas Pohlmann from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and Prof. CHEN Xueen from the Ocean University of China were invited to deliver speeches on the dynamical ocean modelling at the 101st Earth Observation and Digital Earth Forum which was held on July 2, and hosted by Prof. LI Xiaoming from RADI.

Dr. Pohlmann delivered a report titled “Experiences from regional climate forecasts of the 21st century for the North Sea and application to Chinese waters”. Dr. Pohlmann firstly introduced the organization and research projects of the Institute of Oceanography, Hamburg University, and then temperature & salinity, volume transports, residence and flushing times, surface heat fluxes in the North Sea, which were forecasted by Hamburg Shelf Ocean Model (HAMSOM) and driven by the atmospheric forcing derived from a regional climate model (REMO) during 2000-2100. Finally, he presented the modelling results in Chinese waters.

Dr. Chen delivered a report titled “Numerical investigation of internal solitary waves and their remote sensing analysis in the South China Sea”. He firstly introduced the numerical investigation of internal solitary waves in the South China Sea, and then discuss the generation and evolution processes of the internal solitary waves in the waters, emphasizing the importance of SAR on the study of internal solitary wave.

Dr. Pohlmann’s research field covers oceanography and marine ecology such as tide and tidal current, storm surge, mesoscale variability, upwelling current, sea surface variability. He leads a research team to develop HAMSOM, which is one of the classical ocean numerical models and already applied in lots of regional seas including Chinese waters for a long period.

Dr. Chen, a professor at the Ocean University of China, specializes in the earth system models, climate change and 4D numerical assimilation of global Argo data. He has published more than 50 research papers in the journals such as Acta Oceanologica Sinica, Journal of Geophysical Research, Ocean Modelling, Progress in Oceanography, and Journal of Marine Systems.



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