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Belgian Secretary of State Elke Sleurs Visits RADI
 Date: 2015-06-30  Page Views:

On the afternoon of June 24, 2015, a five-person delegation led by Belgian Secretary of State Elke Sleurs visited RADI. The two sides exchanged views on how to enhance their cooperation on global vegetation-monitoring satellites.

At the meeting, RADI Director General Prof. Guo Huadong firstly extended a warm welcome to Ms. Elke Sleurs and her delegation and briefly reviewed the progress the two sides have achieved so far. Ms. Sleurs spoke highly of RADI’s research infrastructure and team, pointed out the significance of the two sides’ cooperation on global vegetation-monitoring satellites, and hoped that they could further fulfil what they had promised in their bilateral agreement. Then, Prof. Wu Bingfa introduced CropWatch, a remote sensing-based global crop monitoring system independently developed by his team as well as the two sides’ overall vision and future plans on using CropWatch as global vegetation-monitoring satellites. The two sides would give cooperation as they agreed so that the satellite plan could play a greater part in responding to global changes and a series of challenges confronting the international grain market.

Ms. Sleurs and her science & technology delegation came to China with King Philippe who paid a state visit there. On the morning of June 24, King Philippe led a delegation to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and attended the seminar on scientific innovation cooperation between China and Belgium. In his address at the meeting, King Philippe fully recognized the achievements China and Belgium had made through scientific and technological cooperation programs and their great significance. In addition, he also hoped the two sides could continue enhancing their collaboration in different sciences, especially in spatial information technology field. Deputy Director Liu Jianbo was invited to make an introduction to RADI’s progress and its cooperation with the Belgian side.

The delegation visits Digital Agriculture research division of RADI.

Group photo.


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