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IJDE Impact Factor Breaks 3.0
 Date: 2015-06-26  Page Views:

According to the Journal Citation Report released by Thomson Reuters on 18 June 2014, the impact factor of International Journal of Digital Earth (IJDE), a top-notch international journal in Digital Earth field, has reached 3.291, ranking 4th among the 28 international journals in remote sensing and 7th in the 46 international geographical journals, which indicates that the journal has entered the Q1 zone in the above two categories. Meanwhile, IJDE ranks 11th in the 173 Chinese SCI-indexed journals and tops the list of Chinese journals in geosciences and Information &Technology (IT)-based sciences.

The SCI impact factor of IJDE rose from 1.222 in 2012 to 3.291 in 2014, an increase for three consecutive years. Now, IJDE has been widely recognized and highly praised by scientists both at home and abroad, and become a major academic journal in related field, marking a historic breakthrough of Chinese geoscience and IT-based journals in terms of impact factor.

Launched in 2008, IJDE is the only English Digital Earth journal in the world. It was jointly run by the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) initiated by Chinese scientists and headquartered in Beijing, the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of Chinese Academy of Sciences (RADI, CAS) and Taylor & Francis Group.

Since the launch of IJDE, the team, led by CAS Academician Guo Huadong, Editor-in-Chief of IJDE, has been adhering to the principle of global coverage and is committed to building it into a top-notch academic journal at both home and abroad. The editorial board of IJDE consists of Chinese and foreign scientists who are leading talents in their professional fields. Papers from 66 countries and regions has been submitted to IJDE which adopts an internationally-accepted peer review system and online platform for submission and review. IJDE became a SCI-indexed journal 18 months after its launching, and now it is a journal with great influence worldwide and has been included in 12 large international citation databases.


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