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YUE Zongyu Wins 2015 LU Jiaxi Award for Junior Scientists
 Date: 2015-03-09  Page Views:

According to the review results of 2015 Kuangcheng Wong Talent Award recently announced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), RADI associate professor YUE Zongyu won 2015 “LU Jiaxi Award for Junior Scientists”, which was awarded to 50 young scholars this year.

Prof. YUE mainly engaged in planetary remote sensing geology study, and he has taken charge of several programs supported by the National Natural Science Fund and National Basic Research Program of China. In 2013, as the first author, he published a paper in issue 6th of the journal of Nature Geoscience. Based on the physical theories of hypervelocity impact and through the method of numerical simulation, the paper found that most of the projectile can be reserved in central peaks of lunar craters after molten if the impact velocity is less than 12 km/s. The results denied the traditional view for decades that the olivine was from lunar depth and even lunar mantle, and the results also provide important information in searching the residual projectile. In addition, YUE has also obtained a series of achievements in the origination of martian gullies and the related results are published in international journals such as Icarus.

Jointly initiated by CAS and the Kuangcheng Wong Education Foundation in 2008, the “LU Jiaxi Award for Junior Scientists” aims to recognize those young scientists who have excellent potential and have scored outstanding achievements in terms of technology innovation and transformation of research results, encouraging them to contribute more to national S&T development and social progress.


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