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94th RADI Academic Forum: Crop Yield Estimation by Remote Sensing Technologies
 Date: 2015-01-09  Page Views:

On December 30, 2014, Professor Huang Jingfeng from the Zhejiang University delivered an academic report titled “Theories and Practices about Crop Yield Estimation by Remote Sensing Technologies” on the 94th RADI Academic Forum on Earth Observation and Digital Earth.

In his report, Prof. Huang expounded the influence of crop yield on the global economy and society from the respective of the food security and described the roles remote sensing technologies for crop yield estimation in contrast to the traditional crop yield forecasting methods. Prof. Huang’s report focuses on the mechanism and principles of crop estimation, the estimation of crop growing areas and crop parameters, the monitoring of crop growth period and agricultural disasters, and the crop yield estimation by remote sensing technologies. Besides, Prof. Huang also pointed out the functions of characteristic spectrums, best band combinations and others in crop recognition, extraction of parameters, estimation of crop growing areas/yields and other fields when they were used in farmlands of China’s counties, cities and other regions of different sizes. At last, he gave an outlook on the application of remote sensing technologies in crop monitoring and forecast from the perspective of methodology.

Prof. Huang has been long engaged in the research and teaching on agricultural remote sensing technologies. Involving more than ten state-level scientific research projects, he has released 50 papers on Science Citation Index (SCI) journals, published books in this field including Rice Yield Estimation by Remote Sensing Technologies, and has been selected into editorial board member for five periodicals and magazines like the Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering.

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